Friday, 29 November 2013

Hard work pays off.

I'm sure everyone following our blog will agree that we have been working extremely hard so far this term. As a class we have been working together to earn jewels in our special jar and receive a treat.

We had a vote to decide what we should be working toward and the majority voted for Ice creams (and why not in late November).

Today was the day we saw the jar full of jewels!  As you can see we were a very happy bunch.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Stick Man, Oh Stick Man beware of…..

…West Base!

We have received news of some strange visitors to our base today. Some appear to be taking part in some daredevil stunts! I hope they are careful!

A couple of Stick Men exploring our classroom.

Just checking out his appearance.

It's a risky business hanging out by the pencils if you are a stickman….
You might end up like this!

I Wonder what these stick folk are chatting about!

Don't jump Mr Stick Man!

Come back soon to find out what else our Stick Men have been up to.

Community Computer Fun.

We had a great time this evening at our computer event enjoying some stage not age learning as some of our Year 3 modelled to some foundation children how to use a make make kit.

The children were set a challenge to try and play different tunes on some carrots (we hope Rudolf doesn't get offended if there aren't enough left over on Christmas eve!)

Here is one of our students playing a tune, we hope you like it!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Moon Base Preparation Centre

When you arrive at your classroom in the morning to find the windows covered with silver foil and the following signs on the window, you know you are going to be in for a few surprises!

We had a challenge, and a tricky one at that! We and been selected by the government to set up a new society (a quick Brainstorm so we knew what a society meant) led us to understand we had to set up a new moon base, where we could live, create animals and encourage people to visit!

We were working in our house bases today, Wren and Penn worked together in West base. It was a really great opportunity to work with some different friends from not only our Campus but also from IPACA's underhill campus - we were lucky enough to also have some year 4 helpers spend the day with us.

First things first we decided what role we would have in the day - a tricky choice but after some umming and ahhhing we managed to make some choices!


The architects had the tricky job of deciding what we needed to build on our moon base. Did we need to make schools or could we cope with just our iPads at home (luckily general thoughts were our new school is so nice we should take that with us - Phew!) We also thought hospitals, pizza delivery Shops and toy shops were all equally as important, and why not!

After some great brain storming and designs we set to work modelling our buildings, making maps and creating our amazing city!

I mean who wouldn't want fantastic buildings like these on their moon base!


 Now there's no point in designing a moon base if no one knows about it or wants to visit so the advertising team had a busy day ahead. We wanted to get a great selection of people to our MoonBase and thought we ought to help spread the word of this new amazing location.

We started off imagining (with the help of purple mash) we were in space, sending some messages to those not quite lucky enough to have such a fun new location to visit!

Next step, to produce that all important advert. We couldn't make it the the actual real life moon base today (shame really) so we had to do with using green screen for our advert. We had such fun thinking up sketches, dance moves and backgrounds - Keep your eyes posted for our advert, I'm sure it will be coming soon to a screen near you!

Finally we thought people might like some more information about our moon base. We had to go and find out from the other groups what animals, buildings and transport we were going to have on our base. We started - again with the help of Purple mash - to write information leaflets to attract people to our moon base! What a busy day!


Now as much as it might be nice to enjoy some peace and quiet on our moon base, we did also need to make sure we took some useful people with us. We decided there wasn't much point going to our new base without doctors, people who will look after us (I think the main thought here were tidying up after us!) and our friends and family!

After working through a tough selection process, we needed to have a serious think about how we were going to get all those people to the moon. Sadly we didn't think jet packs would get us all the way  so we really needed to think about a fleet of spaceships!

As you can see we had a great range of spaceships and it was a relief to be informed that there would in fact be room for everyone to come to the moon base - Phew!


Well we had to first work out what zoologists did. We decided they needed to be people who knew loads about animals and could be a bit creative! The zoologists were ready for some fun creating a slightly different type of animal to take wont us to our moon base!

We though we would create some amazing animal mash ups to take with us to our Moon Base. I mean why would we bother just bringing a normal cow with us - we do appreciate they are useful animals (milk, meat) but hey, wouldn't they be much more useful if they could also fly! So we set to work designing some animals we could take with us, and then creating some virtual animals!

We made the above pictures with a website called switch zoo It's worth a look and was great fun!

Next we thought we could model our animals - so we made some great mashups in salt dough and got painting.

Finally (phew we really were busy) we made some brilliant animal mash ups using morfo on the iPads. We love using this app and thought it was great fun (especially as we could then make out animals dance!)

We had a great day today, thanks to all our friends from IPACA OQ and Underhill for working with us and for helping to create such amazing work. 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Celebrate good times...

Thanks to everyone who has sent in some pictures of the fabulous celebrations they have experienced.

Keep sending your pictures in to our west base email address. All children will be doing some topic work using some of these pictures in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A tour of our classroom

We thought it might be nice to give you a quick tour of our classroom. This video has been taken on a 'normal' school day during Guided reading. Guided reading happens every day for 30 minutes, just before lunch. This video gives you some idea of how the children at Osprey Quay work.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Weights and Measures

In Maths this week we have been looking at weighing and capacity. We have had lots of fun weighing out different items and learning how to use scales correctly - I feel a bit of Christmas baking may have to be done soon to use all our new skills!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Party Time!

We have started our new celebrations topic off with a party. We have been reflecting on our time so far at Osprey Quay and have thought of lots of reasons to celebrate. We have all made new friends, learnt how to use lots of computers and have made great progress with our maths and literacy.

All the children made party hats showing what they were celebrating. It was great to see such a range of pictures, from friendship chains, to number sentences and beautiful handwriting, plenty of reasons to celebrate!

We finished the day with a Disco - It's not a real party without a bit of dancing, We all had a great time an are full of ideas about our new topic!