Friday, 29 November 2013

Hard work pays off.

I'm sure everyone following our blog will agree that we have been working extremely hard so far this term. As a class we have been working together to earn jewels in our special jar and receive a treat.

We had a vote to decide what we should be working toward and the majority voted for Ice creams (and why not in late November).

Today was the day we saw the jar full of jewels!  As you can see we were a very happy bunch.


Miss Heppell said...

Well done everyone for working so very hard, It makes it a joy to be working in the same base as you all.

Anonymous said...

You must have worked very hard. Good to see your happy, smiling faces.

The Ice Cream Delivery Lady

Mr. Spracklen said...

Well done everyone!

Did you save me an ice-cream?

Yum Yum!