Thursday, 28 November 2013

Stick Man, Oh Stick Man beware of…..

…West Base!

We have received news of some strange visitors to our base today. Some appear to be taking part in some daredevil stunts! I hope they are careful!

A couple of Stick Men exploring our classroom.

Just checking out his appearance.

It's a risky business hanging out by the pencils if you are a stickman….
You might end up like this!

I Wonder what these stick folk are chatting about!

Don't jump Mr Stick Man!

Come back soon to find out what else our Stick Men have been up to.


Mr. Spracklen said...

West Base, you should check out - a brilliant and fun website to use on your Chromebooks.

Miss Heppell said...

Thanks Mr Spracklen the website looks excellent, I think we might have to have a play with that!