Friday, 23 May 2014

Light and dark

We have bean learning about light and dark. And today we went into a store cupboard and we had to see how light travels.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

PE in the hall

In PE we did some fun activities.
We balanced, we climbed, we slid, we did hand stands, we jumped and we had lots of fun!!!
I went on soft play first it was very fun and we then did some forward rolls and hand stands it was  very very fun.
Joseph did a great slide through the soft play.
Samuel went upside down hanging from the monkey bars.

Owl Post

It was very exciting when I got the letter from J.K Rowling. It had a Gryffindor stamp and a sticker on it that said snake spells in latin.

                            This me and the letter.                      This is me opening it.

                            This is the stamp.                              This is the envelop.

                                                         This is me reading the letter.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Early Years Computer Science

We had some guests visit West Base this week. A group of children from Reception and Nursery have been learning to write their own computer programs.

We were learning about simple algorithms and, with the help of Simon says and Daisy the Dinosaur (an iPad app), the children were happily making their own.

It was great fun listening to the children telling each other what they had done and showing each other the results.

We enjoyed using the 'when' command. It involved lots of shaking of the iPads. We made Daisy so tiny she dissapeared!

And it didn't take long to learn that we could make daisy do lots of different things

Poor Daisy ended up quite dizzy when we looked at creating simple loops.

It was great to see a mix of ages working in West Base and our visitors enjoyed their trip! We look forward to seeing them again.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Secret Message - code cracked!

Today in West Base we received our next task from International Studios. We had to decode our message as it was sent in code - Morse code in fact. Our latest challenge is to create a new code, using light, for use in a spy film!

Watch this space to see what we come up with ...

A secret message!

This afternoon we have recieved a strange message! it looks like this!

.-- . ... - / -... .- ... . / ..-. .. .-.. -- / -- .- -.- . .-. ... -....- / -.-- --- ..- .-. / -.-. .... .- .-.. .-.. . -. --. . / .. ... / - --- / ..-. .. -. -.. / .- / .-- .- -.-- / --- ..-. / ... . -. -.. .. -. --. / .- / -- . ... ... .- --. . / .-- .. - .... / .-.. .. --. .... - / ..-. --- .-. / .- / ... .--. -.-- / ..-. .. .-.. -- ..--..

We are woking hard to try and crack this code, I wonder if anyone can help us?

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Home Learning: Week Beginning Monday 12th May '14

Welcome to the next instalment of our home learning support videos. These videos are designed to support pupils learning in West Base.

Homework Help

This tutorial video will help with homework this week, We have previously covered multiplication and here is a reminder of how to use the grid method to solve multiplication problems.

 Maths (Mondays and Wednesday)

We will be looking at fractions this week in West Base, Here is a useful video to act as a reminder for all we already know about fractions and give you a head start before Mondays lessons.

Topic Work (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons)

We have been creating fantastic movie sets for a secret filming project. This week we will be having lots of fun learning about stop motion animations.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Home Learning Week beginning 5th May

Following our series of posts to support home learning we have collected some tutorial videos to help support work taking place in West Base.


We will be looking at ordering numbers this week. We have found this video, we hope you enjoy it, it made us laugh, especially at the end!

We will also be looking at inverse operations


In our literacy sessions we will be looking at the story mountains used to plan a story

We hope you enjoy these videos and find them useful. Any questions r comments please do email a member of staff or add your comments below.

Monday, 5 May 2014

West Base Film Makers

Today we have been creating road scenes.

We have been working in our house groups to make them. We planned it out on paper then painted it and stuck all of the things on like the 30 miles a hour signs and the other road signs.