Friday, 16 May 2014

Early Years Computer Science

We had some guests visit West Base this week. A group of children from Reception and Nursery have been learning to write their own computer programs.

We were learning about simple algorithms and, with the help of Simon says and Daisy the Dinosaur (an iPad app), the children were happily making their own.

It was great fun listening to the children telling each other what they had done and showing each other the results.

We enjoyed using the 'when' command. It involved lots of shaking of the iPads. We made Daisy so tiny she dissapeared!

And it didn't take long to learn that we could make daisy do lots of different things

Poor Daisy ended up quite dizzy when we looked at creating simple loops.

It was great to see a mix of ages working in West Base and our visitors enjoyed their trip! We look forward to seeing them again.


Athena said...

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Athena said...

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