Thursday, 30 October 2014

Time Detectives

Our new topic will be Time Detectives. We would like to know when in history you would visit if you had a magic time machine. 

Would you like to be a caveman roaming around - I don't think I'd like to meet this one he doesn't look very friendly. I wonder if cavemen went to school?

Would you like to be at school in Victorian times? Girls in one classroom, boys in the other?

Would you just pop back in time to when your parents were at school (what mischief do you think they got up to?)

What about living life in a castle, in the Ice age, as a Roman or building pyramids in Ancient Egypt.

Let us know by filling in the form below so we can see your answers before we set off on our time traveling adventures!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Wren week in West base

This week has been Wren Week across all IPACA campuses. We have enjoyed a variety of activities throughout the week.

Events started with a joint assembly with Royal Manor campus. It was great to have our assembly via Google hangout and see some of our older brothers and sisters at Royal Manor. 

On Tuesday we had a visit from Help the Heroes, the chosen charity for Wren House. We were very excited to be able to meet Hero Bear, the charity's mascot and ask questions about the great work carried out by the charity.

Throughout the week we have been busy crafting our best buildings ever. We have had some fantastic entries from Lego building to models with working draw bridges and real life lights. Winners of the competition will be announced soon.

In addition to this we have been running a colouring competition. All pupils were invited to enter the competition and we were incredibly impressed with the results and now have a temporary art gallery on display!

A cake sale was held today, all proceeds will go to the chosen charity. A massive thank you to all who kindly donated cakes.

Finally our week ended with a visit from Dinky the miniature pony who had travelled down from Fancy's Farm on Portland.

It has been brilliant to have so many exciting events to take part in this week. To find out what other campuses have been doing during Wren week you can visit the Wren House blog.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Wren Week Activities

A reminder that this week is Wren week.

Today we had a visit form Hero Bear from Help the Hero's charity, the chosen charity for Wren house.

We also have a number of activities going o throughout the week.

On Thursday we will be having a cake sale, all cakes will be 20p. Wren house parents please can you bring in some cakes to sell.

Children have been invited to join in with a colouring competition- it is 20p to enter, the pictures will be on display from tomorrow morning in the small end of the hall. Prizes will be given out for the best pictures.

We have raffle tickets for sale in Reception. There are a number of fantastic proxies but the top prize is a very kindly donated boat worth (£1000).

Finally Children have been invited to follow in Sir Christopher Wren's footsteps and become architects. We have a design and make your most amazing building competition. Children can make their buildings at home and bring them into school to be judged. We have some great prizes avalaible for this competition. If children have design these at home you can also email in a picture to

Making Bath Melts

This term has seen our topic focus on expressing ourselves. We have looked at ways to express happiness, anger, upset and love.

We ave also looked at ways to relax. With this in mind we have been designing and making bath melts.

We had to collect lots of ingredients together.

We then had to put the melted ingredients into moulds. We will show you the finished products soon!

Mathletics Champions!

We would like to celebrate this weeks Mathletics Champions.  We are very proud to announce that more than half of our pupils received a certificate this week.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Maths, sweets and cocktail sticks.

Our Shape investigations continued today. Some of our children were challenged to make a variety of 3D shapes using sweets and cocktail sticks (yes it was very tempting to eat them but we resisted!)

It was quite tricky and fiddly but we managed and produced some great shapes and has some fantastic discussions about the properties of the shapes we had to make.

We hope you enjoy our results.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

2D Shapes in Maths

This week our focus in Maths is Shape. Some of our pupils were exploring 2D shapes today.

We were challenged to make a number of shapes with different properties. Some shapes had just 1 edge, some 4 corners, some even had 5 corners. We explored the names of the shapes we made and discussed if these shapes were regular or irregular.


Silly Billy!

Our topic this half term is called Express yourself. Children have been looking at different ways to help us deal with our emotions.

We read the Book Silly Billy. Billy is a bit or a worrier but luckily his Nan knows the solution - provide him with a set of worry dolls. All you need to do is tell your worry doll your problems, put him under your pillow and he will take away all your problems.

We all thought it was a really good idea to talk about our worries as it helps us to deal with them. So with this in mind we set to work making our own worry dolls. We hope you like them.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Guest visitor

Yesterday afternoon West Base had a special visitor. Mr Dawson, head of Wren House paid us a visit through Google Hangout. He had special information about Wren week which will be happening next week across all IPACA campuses.

Children have been invited to make their most amazing building. We are hoping to create a Wren city - Sir Christopher Wren would be impressed I'm sure.

There will be other exciting activities going on across all IPACA campuses next week, we will keep you posted!

Monday, 13 October 2014


Today we were learning about different relaxation techniques and tried some yoga!

More Mathletics Champions.

Monday's can only mean one thing in West Base. More fantastic Mathletics champions.

This week we had an amazing 37 bronze and 6 silver certificates. Absolutely fantastic work.

We also had students who made it into the UK's top 50 students because they were working so very hard great job!

Citizens and Learners of the week.

We were so busy last week in West Base we didn't have time to share the successes of our fabulous citizens and learners of the week.

We didn't want you to think we had forgotten so here they are. It's great to celebrate the successes of our hard working pupils with such a fantastic audience.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Packaging designers

This week's we have been packaging designers. Our task was to design some packaging and posters for bath products. We looked at different packaging and sorted the products depending on their colours - did they make us feel calm, cool, relaxed or energetic. Once we had selected our colour pallet our next job was to design our packaging.

Following on in the design process we use an app called Foldify. This is great app which allows you to create your own net for a 3D object. Using our designs we set to work and produced some excellent designs.

The tricky bit was cutting out our nets (it's very fiddly) and gluing it all together.

Finally we set to work at making some posters, using designs similar to our packaging to advertise our products.

What a busy week!