Sunday, 30 November 2014

Viking Day tomorrow

We hope you all are excited about our fantastic viking day tomorrow. Don't forget children have been invited to wear viking costumes if they wish.

If you have yet to source a costume don't panic, we have found a simple way to achieve this is to wear an adults neutral coloured t-shirt, tracksuit trousers/leggings and a handy piece of string for a belt - instant viking!

Thank you to 2 of our vikings for allowing us a preview of their costumes before tomorrow morning.

If you are still to bring in your £3 donation for the day tomorrow isn't too late!

We will be blogging through the day so keep in touch.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Take Away Homework - Results so far.

We have been delighted with the response from our take away homework. 

Please come and visit the fantastic display in our Bases.

An afternoon of rehearsals

This afternoon we have had our first run through for all pupils in our Christmas show. Well done to everyone who took part today you were all stars.

A reminder that pupils costumes need to be in next week please let us know if you have problems sourcing costumes and we can help. 

If you child has lines to learn for the show we would appreciate it if you could help them out over the weekend. 

Thanks again to all our fantastic parents for your continued support. 

Viking Day - Monday 1st December

A reminder to all parents and students. On Monday 1st December children have been invited to take part in a viking day in both West Base and West Base 2.

Photo from :

We have asked parents for a donation of £3 to cover the cost of experts coming into our base and teaching us all about the Vikings, a period in History we have thoroughly enjoyed studying.

We will be blogging through the day and look forward to sharing our Viking journey with you all.

Mathletics Update

We are still enjoying Mathletics in West Base and pupils are collecting lots of certificates.

A quick reminder to say that all pupils should have a Mathletics log in to use at home if your child doesn't have a log in please contact their class teacher.

We use Mathletics to support Maths sessions in our base and we also offer children the chance to join Mathletics club on a Tuesday lunchtime.

Well done to all our super Maths champions.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Part Two of Rehearsals!

We practiced scene 3, 4 and 5 today! The Calling Birds were calling, the French Hens were Clucking and the Turtle doves argued perfectly! (It is part of the play).

More practice tomorrow lunchtime in the classroom for the Calling Birds and the French Hens... Remember to come and see me.

On Thursday afternoon, we will practice the optional scene so I will need;

Pipers and 
the Ladies.

We will also practice Scene 6;

Turtle Doves,
Calling Bird,
French Hen,
Master of the Rings and 
the Teacher.

Thank you and keep practising!

Christmas Show Dates

Rehearsals are underway for our fantastic christmas production  '5 Gold Rings'

We just wanted to confirm the dates and times of our production for you all.

Monday 8th December 2pm

Tuesday 9th December 9:30 am (this is a toddler/baby friendly performance so may be noisy)

Tuesday 9th December 6pm

If you child requires a costume please could they be in school in a clearly labelled bag by Monday 1st December. Any problems please come and see you child's class teacher. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Dragon hunting in Thorncombe Woods

Today a group of children from west base  had a fantastic morning dragon hunting in Thorncombe Woods.

They all had dragon names, which were made from writing their names backwards. Every child found a dragon tooth and  found  foot prints and other dragon  evidence throughout the woods.

They were led by the  fabulous  SKOOF YRAG  (GARY FOOKS )  and also his dragon dog.

After rehearsing their own song about dragons they visited the recording studios for AIRfm and were so excited at the fact they were going to be live on the radio.

This was such a fantastic opportunity for the children and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Calling all actors and actresses for scene three and four!

I had a fabulous time this afternoon, rehearsing scene one and two with the actors and actresses for our Christmas production Five Gold Rings!

We will be rehearsing scene three and four tomorrow, so if you are playing;

a turtle dove,
a french hen
Master of the Rings
Goldy or

Make sure you are learning your lines!

I look forward to hearing and seeing your acting skills.

Friday, 21 November 2014

What's your big idea?

The tricky task is thinking of just 1 idea agreed by the whole team!

Here Are our ideas.

How can we make our island better?

We have been looking at what we love about our island. We are now thinking about what would make it better.

Free ice creams anyone? Hover boards? What about a chairlift from top hill? It would be a fab way to get to school!!

Terrific teamwork towers!

dee We have been working in our enterprise teams to build the tallest tower... Didn't we do well!

The winner is...

The Derby Craft winning team!

Terrific towers

Here are the finished results from out team work competition


We have been looking at all the things we love about portland. Can we get 100 ideas in 10 minutes?