Thursday, 18 December 2014

Party time

It's party time! This afternoon has been Christmas party afternoon. 

We have been enjoying party games disco dancing and glittery arts and crafts.  

What is your Christmas wish?

Well Christmas is fast approaching and it's easy to get ties up with the wish lists for father Christmas and the gifts under the tree, but today we have been thinking about our Christmas Wishes.

The amazing thoughtful wishes the children from West base have are just lovely, we hope you enjoy reading them.

Please feel free to leave a comment and tell us what your christmas wish is.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Mr. Spracklen BYOD Drop In

Mr. Spracklen will be running a BYOD Drop In for any parents/carers wanting any help or advise setting up their child's BYOD device. These sessions will take place at the following times -

Wednesday 17th December, 2-3pm, Osprey Quay's Winter Wonderland

Friday 19th December, 2-3pm, Osprey Quay's Winter Wonderland

As a reminder, from January 2015, as a pilot in West Base and West Base 2 at Osprey Quay Campus, we would like to offer children the opportunity to ‘BYOD’. Please be reassured that the ICT equipment we currently have across West Base and West 2 will stay within the bases for children to use, regardless of whether they choose to bring in a device or not. To this end, there is no pressure for pupils to take part in this pilot, however, the opportunity exists for those that are interested in exploring this idea further.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Elf yourself!

This afternoon West Base have enjoyed welcoming some new students who will be learning with us after Christmas.

We thought it would be fun to Elf ourselves. It was great to have a chat with the new members who will be joining us after christmas and get to know them better.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas Enterprise Challenge

Pupils from West Base and West Base 2 enjoyed a special 'Christmas Enterprise Challenge' when they were contacted out of the blue by no other than Father Christmas himself and his Christmas Elves! The children, who all attend the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy's Osprey Quay Campus were tasked to create Christmas cards for their special client.

Academy Director for Digital Learning and Innovation, Gary Spracklen, explains, 'We have had contact with a number of important people since we opened as an Academy but none as special as Father Christmas himself! The children were only too keen to help save Christmas and put their entrepreneurial skills to the test!'. 

Mr. Spracklen explains further, 'Father Christmas challenged the children to make Christmas cards that were at least 12cm tall and 5cm wide. The cards had to include a picture of Father Christmas' favourite reindeer Rudolf and be finished with a note from Father Christmas himself inside the card. The children needed to manage their resources carefully and were given a small amount of start-up capital funding'.

Speaking about the special challenge, Year 2 pupil Max Griffin said, 'It was really special to be working for Father Christmas! My group made lots of cards with Rudolf on that we sold back to Santa for a profit!'. Year 4 pupil Leon added, 'It was hard work because we needed to make money to buy more materials. In the end all the hard work paid off though and my group did really well'.

Academy Director of Entrepreneurship, Gary Fooks, speaking about the day said, ' In addition to a full curriculum the Academy places particular emphasis on Entrepreneurship – giving students the confidence to achieve whatever they want in life and driving aspiration. The activity with Father Christmas today was a great example of this type of learning that focuses on the development of an entrepreneurial mindset which strives to solve problems rather than accept defeat, building the key attributes of passion, determination, team-work, problem solving, creativity, risk-taking'.

We were joined in West Base by Sixth Form students today, one of these students made the following video -

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

5 Gold Rings LIVE

Welcome to the live stream of 5 Gold Rings, a christmas production from IPACA Osprey Quay West Base and West base 2. The show will start at 6pm there is no password required to access the link.

Please can you add a comment on this page to let us know where you are watching from, it would be great to be able to share this with our children.

Many thanks we hope you enjoy the show.

Mathletics Club

Mathletics Club is still going strong in West Base and will continue after Christmas. It's great to see such enjoyment from maths and the progress we are seeing from the children is brilliant.

Another fantastic performance

We enjoyed another brilliant performance today of our show '5 Gold Rings' Well done to everyone and it was lovely to see so many parents, carers and families.

We have our last performance this evening. Please could children come back to school at 5:30 (to allow time to get changes and ready). The show will start at 6pm. We have some very friendly volunteers who will be selling teas coffee and mince pies whilst you wait.

We will also be streaming the play live through our blog come back soon for more details, we can't wait!

December Maths Champions

We have been a bit neglectful with our Mathletics champions over the past fortnight but have finally caught up.

A massive well done to all our pupils who continue to work hard on Mathletics. This week we have set a challenge, we would like all pupils in West Base to have received a certificate this term. Let's see if we can all enjoy the successes next week!

Monday, 8 December 2014


In the spirit of embracing Digital Technology, Tuesday nights performance of 'Five Gold Rings' will be streamed via this blog. 

This will be offered as a free trial service and will offer family members the chance to watch the live performance from afar. Please feel free to share the link with anyone you wish to view the performance but please refrain from sharing via Social Media such as Facebook or Twitter. 

We welcome your thoughts on this trial and encourage you to let us know on the night where you are watching from, let's see if we can get a global audience!

Merry Christmas.

Bring Your Own Device Pilot

Thank­ you to everyone who came along to our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Pilot information sessions on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th November. 

If you missed these sessions you can watch it below. 

As a reminder, from January 2015, as a pilot in West Base and West Base 2 at Osprey Quay Campus, we would like to offer children the opportunity to ‘BYOD’. Please be reassured that the ICT equipment we currently have across West Base and West 2 will stay within the bases for children to use, regardless of whether they choose to bring in a device or not. To this end, there is no pressure for pupils to take part in this pilot, however, the opportunity exists for those that are interested in exploring this idea further.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to finalise arrangements for an ‘IPACA Device Portal’, this now looks like something that will be available in the New Year. However, here are a number of other ‘suggestions’ of devices currently on the market as requested by parents.

These suggestions are only intended as a guide and as previously stated pupils who wish to take part in the pilot can bring in any device with a web browser for this pilot, old or new.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Gary Spracklen (Director of Digital Learning and Innovation, IPACA) 

Our First Performance

We are looking forward to the first performance of our christmas play this afternoon.

The play starts at 2pm, but doors will be open at 1:45. We have some very kind volunteers who will be selling Mince Pies, Teas and Coffee.

We look forward to seeing you all later.

Friday, 5 December 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like....

Can you guess what we were doing after school today? We are looking forward to Monday morning already!

We would love to see the christmas trees in your schools or at home. Please send your pictures to:

Christmas Play Dress Rehearsals

We had our first dress rehearsals today. We loved having the audience of East Base and Foundation Stage come to watch our show.

Well done everyone, fantastic work.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Non-Uniform Day 5/12/14

Just a reminder that tomorrow is a non uniform day at Osprey Quay IPACA.

Pupils have been asked to bring in a small item for the raffle or tombola to be used at the Christmas Fayre next Friday (12th December)

We will bring you more information about the christmas fair at Osprey Quay early next week.

Thank you once again for your on-going support.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Beautiful Sunset

This is a wonderful Sunset picture that Amelie has taken from Osprey Quay Campus.

We have had some beautiful sunsets lately.

Monday, 1 December 2014

A Viking Saga

What an action packed day we have had today. We have learnt all about vikings, weapons, religion food and much much more.

It was really fun to take part in a real live scene and use all the fantastic props available. We have made a time lapse video of our afternoon. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Fire arrows

We have ended our saga by firing flaming arrows onto the longship. It starts to ignite, the fire spreads and the boat drifts into the middle of the fforde. The kings body floats away to Valhalla.

A saga

This afternoon we have been taking part in a saga. It was exciting to use drama to get in role of the characters and use all the amazing props that have been brought in.

Money, money, money

Ruby was lucky enough to make some Viking money.

She had to hit it really hard with a very heavy 

Making fire

It was the children's job to make the fire before their parents woke up for breakfast.

It was a tricky job to catch a spark but we saw one. 

The spark was then used to light some dried grass and the fire was ready for cooking (and keeping warm)

Hunting bore

We met a ferocious animal today. The wild bore. Delicious yet lethal! The 2 handed spear is useful for keeping a safe distance from the dangerous animal. The meat liked be eaten and the skins used for warmth. 

Luckily this bore escaped unharmed!

Berries, bones and breakfast

We have been learning about the things Vikings eat. We have just heard where the Vikings went to the toilet and realised that we might not want to drink water from the stream. Did you know that Viking children drunk beer (we are not sure of that) and mead which is made from honey (much tastier)

Sometimes Vikings hunted wales. The bones left were not wasted they were used to make cups toggles and combs. Which were handy for combing left over bits of food from a Vikings beard. 

Assembly parade

During assembly today Mr Spracklen asked us to come to the front to show the rest of Osprey Quay campus our fantastic costumes.

It was great to show all the hard work our pupils had put into their costumes. Thank you to all.


Axes. Jak has been showing us how the bearded axe works. Let's just say it's not a friendly weapon!

Long spears are useful. You don't need to get to close. Vikings with shorter spears have a shield I'm not sure I'd want to be on a battle field without one.

Tyler the tall, Emma the fair and Max the mean demonstrated how to use a bow. We thought it was best to leave the arrows alone! There were lots of different types of arrows. Some for carrying fire. Some for cutting down rigging and arrows specially designed for hunting. 

Chai mail was worn as a status. The leaders had to buy the chain mail for lots of people and it was very heavy. It was very good at stopping arrows. 

We know horned helmets weren't worn in Viking times but do you know why? It would be too easy to drag someone round the battlefield if horns were worn. You can grab the horns. Also the horns would could get caught in the bushes. 

We have been invaded

2 Vikings entered our learning base this morning.

They led us into the great hall of learning .

There are lots of amazing things to look at. 

A mob of angry Vikings

A massive well done to all children who have come to school in costume today you all look brilliant.

Viking day

We are all ready for Viking day today. Looking forward to seeing you all.