Monday, 1 December 2014


Axes. Jak has been showing us how the bearded axe works. Let's just say it's not a friendly weapon!

Long spears are useful. You don't need to get to close. Vikings with shorter spears have a shield I'm not sure I'd want to be on a battle field without one.

Tyler the tall, Emma the fair and Max the mean demonstrated how to use a bow. We thought it was best to leave the arrows alone! There were lots of different types of arrows. Some for carrying fire. Some for cutting down rigging and arrows specially designed for hunting. 

Chai mail was worn as a status. The leaders had to buy the chain mail for lots of people and it was very heavy. It was very good at stopping arrows. 

We know horned helmets weren't worn in Viking times but do you know why? It would be too easy to drag someone round the battlefield if horns were worn. You can grab the horns. Also the horns would could get caught in the bushes. 

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