Friday, 30 January 2015

Art and Computer Science

Today we have been using our computer science skills to create some pieces of art. We used a website called Tagxedo to create some text art. We had to take selfies, A skill we are all VERY good at! Then we choose some words that describe who we are, and our interests.

The Website is very clever and it turned our words into a face shape, how cool is that! We really enjoyed editing our images in a different way.

We didn't stop there. Next up was eating pictures using pixel art. It was really good fun to be able to create a picture using just squares, rather like a screen does! Hopefully you will see more of our pixel art in the next few weeks, watch this space!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Can you help mend out Robot?

This week we met a new character in Literacy, Bot the Robot. However, Disaster has struck, Bot is broken! He has stopped working, and we need your help.

Do you know how to repair a Robot?We have included a description so you know the type of Robot we have.

Some of us designed our posters using the iPads.

Scratch Junior

Today some of West Base have been using Scratch Junior. We learnt about using loops to repeat a command and we also started editing backgrounds and characters.

We really enjoy using this free iPad app.

It was fun to show our partners the work we have produced and share our tips and successes.

Coding Modern Art.

Our Computer Science project carries on. Last week we looked at creating loops using Hopscotch, this week we have been looking at random values. We looked at different ways to create a code to produce a Mondrian inspired piece of art.

We had to use all the techniques we learnt last week with lops and add them to our new ideas. Here are some sample codes and final pieces of art!

Some of use even completed a challenge piece and tried to produce a Jackson Pollock inspired piece. What do you think?

Monday, 26 January 2015

Sunset at Osprey Quay

What a beautiful sunset over Chesil Beach this evening.

Drama time

We have been using our acting skills today in Literacy to help with some writing we will be completing tomorrow.

We have been looking at Wallace and Gromit's Cracking Contraptions. Our task was to act out 'The Snoozatron.'

We had to work in small groups and act out the different steps used to make the snoozatron work. It was really important to have a good narrator to help introduce our machines and create a great conclusion.

It was fun sharing our scenes with the whole of West Base.

West Base Mathletics Champs.

Once again we are celebrating the successes of our Mathletics Champions.

We had lots of Silver certificates this week but we are yet to have a gold certificate. Who will be the first person to win one of our exclusive Mathletics badges?

What is the internet?

This afternoon we gave been learning more about how the internet works.

We have been researching what the internet is and looking at all the different things we can use the internet for.

We have also found out what a URL is and why it's important.

Celebrating Mathletics Success

Look at our Mathletics champions - we had some silver certificates today. Keep going West Base 2 and we'll get some gold certificates before long.

Well done everyone!!!

Amelie and Izaak go to BETT ( British Educational Training and Technology Show) in London

Our stall  had 3 robots and 3 computer's the robot 's name's are Dash, Dot and Big-Track.
We helped people from IVY chimly's.

Amelie is wearing google glasses.

    Amelie stepped into another world.                        Isaak with Google glasses.

Izaak is using a 3D doodler pen it was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On the 3d doodler Amelie did an AMH and a LH.

We might win a iPad!!!!!!!!!!


Izaak held a snake and other reptiles and creatures. We saw some of the sights of London.

By Amelie and Izaak    

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Problem Solving - Barbaran the Dragon Fighter.

Today in West Base we were working out how many different ways there were to get across a river with 3, 4 and even 5 stones!

We used whiteboards and teamwork to find loads of solutions using short (S) and long (L) leaps.


How many different ways can you find?

(You are only allowed to jump over 1 stone for a long jump)

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Pitching a crazy invention in Literacy

In West Base 2 today we were pitching our ideas for a crazy invention to some of our teachers, who were pretending to be Dragons, from the BBC's Dragon's Den.

Some of us were pitching our idea of a doggy umbrella.

Some of us were pitching the idea of a doggie carrier.

Whilst another group of us pitched about a tricycle that also mows the lawn.

We had to explain to the 'Dragons' how our inventions would work. They will be coming back to us with their decisions later.