Thursday, 26 March 2015

Fish and Ships Art Competition

We created some pictures again this year for the Fish and Ships art competition. We used a variety of different media to create our pictures. Our themes were the sea, the coast, various water sports and Portland's heritage.

Jak and Callum chose felt tips.

Ethan and Sabid used pencils

Whilst some of us used chalks.

The Bill

Penn Castle
Fishing in the harbour


Finally, some of us chose the medium of charcoal.

A moth

We learnt not to scratch our faces with charcoal on our hands!

More Mathletics Champions

Well done to everyone in West Base 2 for your continued success with Mathletics. Don't forget to keep going during the Easter Holidays.

Mathletics Hero's

Once again we have been celebrating mathletics champions in West Base. It's great tthat even after 2 terms pupils are still winning certificates.

Another massive congratualtion to all those who contine to play at home.


Over the past term some Year 4 students have been lucky enought to have learn the clarinet.

Yesterday they came into West Base to play to some of our pupils. They taught us all about their instruments and then played some songs.

It was brilliant to listen to them play and we learnt how hard they had been working.

I know our Year 3 pupils are now very excited about the chance to learn the recorder and maybe the clarinet next year.

Supporting your child at home

In West Base and West 2 we use several digital resources that pupils can now use at home to support their learning.


Pupils from year 2 in IPACA have access to Accelarated Reader. Accelerated Reader is an online reading program. Students select and read books of their choice and take multiple choice tests when they finish reading.

From Easter pupils can access AR at home and take reading quizzes. We would encorage students to take quizzes on their own.

AR can be found at:

A great feature AR offers is a parent email service. Parents, carers or family members can sign up for email alerts. Every time your child takes a quiz in school or at home you will recieve an email itelling  you what book your child has read and what percentage they got correct.

To access AR parent emails follow this link. Your children will be coming home with their log in cards over easter. You will need their username and password to activate parent emails (most children already know this)

We have set all pupils a challenge, to read 2 books with a test score of 85% and over during the Easter holidays.


We have seen some absolutely fantastic Mathletics work over the last term in both West Base and West 2. Pupils are still enjoying collecting their many certificates and we see Gold badges given out in celebration assembly most weeks - fantastic work.

All pupils have a mathletics log in (again this will be coming home over easter if you child doesn't know theirs). We have seen some brilliant progress from those pupils who consistantly 'play' mathletics at home every week.

Mathletics is available as an app on any tablet or through the website:

Mathletics also offer a parents email. You wil receive a weekly email informing you of your childs progress in mathletics. To access this follow this link:

A Mathletics challenge has been set over the Easter holidays. Can our pupils 'win' 2 mathletics certificates over the holidays?

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Take away homework. The results.

Thought the term west base have been set several takeaway homework tasks. These have varied from keeping a diary to creating your own Tudor house.

It has been fantastic watching the takeaway homework come rolling into West base. 

Here are all our hard workers. Well done to you all.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Magic Key stories

After our fire adventures on Wednesday we have been writing stories in Literacy. Our stories were time travelling stories and we all travelled back to London 1666.

The stories we produced were fantastic and we wated to share some of them with and what better way than to share some through film.

We have been using a free app called 'Adobe Voice' to record our voices and add pictures to our stories. Here are a few examples, we hope you enjoy them.

Spring is in the air.

Since we have been enjoying the spring weather this afternoon we thought we would crack on with some art and craft activities.

We have been making easter chicks. It was good fun making our chicks hatch.

A total eclipse of the ... biscuit

In West Base 2 after watching live streaming of the eclipse in a variety of different places in the UK today, we watched the darkness descend over Portland this morning.

After that we had a circular digestive biscuit - it represented a whole sun.

We began to nibble at our biscuits to create a sun that had been partially eclipsed by the moon.

Finally, we created a total eclipse of the sun, just like the one we saw in the north of the UK - yes, we ate our biscuits!

Mmmm - yummy!!

Mathletics Superstars!

Look at all of our Mathletics Superstars! Keep going everyone - some of you have already got your gold certificate. Now your challenge is to see who can get their second gold certificate!

Well done Callum, a fantastic achievement! Your first Gold certificate.

The eclipse - As demonstrated with biscuits!

After watching the eclipse we thought it would be great to see if we could demonstrate the stages of the eclipse using what else but biscuits!

Here we are showing the stages of the eclipse. 

Watching the eclipse

We were very lucky in West Base today to experience the partial eclipse.

The first thing we learnt about was how to keep safe whilst watching the eclipse. We enjoyed the eclipse through the live broadcast on the bbc. 

When it was safe we quickly looked outside to see the sun through the protective cloud covering. 

What an amazing experience and one we will remember for a very long time. 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Enjoying the sunshine

We have been enjoying the lovely sunshine at Osprey Quay this afternoon. It's such fun to be able to use our fantastic outside space available outside the learning base.