Thursday, 12 March 2015

West Base - Architectural Designers!

We had great fun this afternoon re-creating Tudor London.

In DT we have been thinking about why Tudor Houses were shaped the way they were and how this led to the fire spreading so very quickly through the streets of London in 1666.

Using all we know we set to work on creating our London street scene. It was great working in house groups and we all worked together incredibly well and had a brilliant (If a little messy) time. Our model even includes Old St Pauls, The Kings Bakers, Ye Olde Coffee Shop and Ye Olde Holiday Express - well you have to cater for all needs don't you!

Please do come in and see our hard work, it's on diaplay in the classroom.. but might not be there for long!

A massive thank you to all our fabulous parents who collected many boxes for us to use. We couldn't do these activities without your help.

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Kerri Gough said...

Wow looks good! Shame Alisha was poorly today 😦