Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Did you guess?

The contents of our treasure chest belonged to Mary Anning, a very famous Paleontologist.

As it's Anning week this week we have been looking at the life of Mary Anning. Today we drew a story map of her life. After we worked independently on this task we all came together to put our ideas together on one class map. It was great to use all our ideas together to produce such a detailed map.

Tomorrow we will be writing all about Mary Anning's life, our story map will provide a great plan to use to use whilst writing.

Who owns this treasure chest?

We had a strange treasure chest delivered to West Base a few days ago, but can you guess who it belongs to?

Purple Mash Databases

Data Handling has been the theme of our Maths work this week. Today some pupils were looking at Databases in Purple Mash. We created records and edited fields to include our school houses.

We then searched and sorted the data and used the database to create a number of graphs.

A reminder that all pupils have access to purple mash at home for them to use and explore.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mathletics superstars

Our mathletics tour of the classroom continues. Here are this weeks superstars in our carriages.

Together We Can... Problem Solve

Today in Maths we have been solving problems, it was like one we had done before and so we thought it was going to be easy... We were wrong!

First, we worked in groups and tried to solve the problem, we worked really hard, but it was really tricky.

We decided we would work as one big group and solve the problem on a bigger scale...


But working together we managed to solve it!

Tuesday Morning maths...

Our Early bird maths task this morning was a tricky one. We were greeted with this task on the board.

There were cries of, " That is so eas!y" It's always nice to have a positive group of children, however we then sat down to try and solve it, and we were left perplexed!

Can you solve it?

No cheating and 'googling' the answer.

Friday, 15 May 2015

A trip to the postbox.

A small group of West Base pupils have been writing letters and postcards this week.

The children choose to write a postcard to a relative to tell them all about our trip to Fancy's Farm on Thursday. Unfortunately our trip had to be postponed due to the hideous weather. The postcards however, were still written, explaining the situation.

Of course it's no fun writing a postcard and not posting it, so off they went to the local post box. We were even lucky enough to meet a real postman on our way.

I wonder when their letters will arrive?

Board games for Nepal

This afternoon, to raise money for Nepal, all children at Osprey Quay were invited to bring in board games.

It has been such fun working in teams, showing everyone our favourite games and teaching our friends how to play them. 

Creative Writing - The predators strike!

This morning in Literacy, we have been writing stories using our predators as our main characters. We have had loads of fun being creative and some of us have created our own worlds for our predators.




and the winners are...

All of the children in West Base drew fantastic pictures of a predator (They designed them themselves).
I had the difficult job of choosing 6 to use on my Literacy boards for today; these are our very smily winners!

They are going to show Mr Spracklen their hard work later today.

Dig for Victory

Last week in the build up to our VE Day celebrations we looked at how children had to have rations during the war.

We looked at some war time menus and could understand why the 'Dig for Victory' campaign was started.

With this in mind we decided to get our hands dirty and plant some crops of our own. We will keep you posted on how they are growing over the coming weeks.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Predator Creations

This afternoon, West Base was taken over with drawings of frightening predators!

We discussed what makes a predator really successful and used these ideas to design our own.

There were so many fab ones to choose from, but we couldn't fit them all on the blog, so here is a small selection.

We are going to use our predators and write stories about them in Literacy tomorrow.

Tricky teamwork and awesome investigators PART 2

In the second investigation we had a 5x5 grid and 13 cubes.

We had to have an odd number of cubes in each of the columns, rows and diagonals. It really was tricky, but we tried our best.

Here are some photos of us working really hard to figure it out... Can you solve the problem?

Feel free to comment and take a photo of your effort.

Tricky teamwork and awesome investigators PART 1

Today in maths, we were working in teams and completing investigations.

In the first investigation we were given 20 straws and had to make as many squares as possible. We made lots of squares and had a lot of fun!